Spending the Day Learning Through Play

We use a play-based learning curriculum at our daycare in Mills, WY

These early years are critical for the development of your child's language, imagination, motor, social and other skills. Here at Stephanie Fountain's Child Care in Mills, WY, we believe that the best way to nurture that is through child-led play-based learning. We allow children to explore, learn and grow while having fun!

Your kiddo will love our fun, hands-on approach to learning. We'll spend time getting to know each child to learn their strengths, interests and personalities. That way, we can provide individualized care. They'll get plenty of time to play in independent, group and one-on-one settings.

What are the benefits of child-led play?

Child-led play involves letting children learn through play while teachers support and follow their lead. This type of play-based learning helps children:

  • Build self-confidence and independence
  • Improve language and social skills
  • Learn to be problem solvers
  • Grow their imagination
Want to learn more about child-led play? Call 307-267-1703 today - we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.